Towns' Network

Towns network

PAN Europe, together with its member organisations, is setting up a joined up network of pesticide free cities and towns across Europe. European Pesticide Free Towns Network envisions a Europe where the use of pesticides is minimized and replaced with existing sustainable alternatives, and thus, the health of citizens and the environment is safeguarded, and an improved quality of life is achieved.

The overall aim of the Network is to bring together a critical mass of towns committed to phasing out pesticide use and provide a European platform of experience, practice and knowledge sharing, and mutual support. The network also aims to raise political awareness at all levels. Membership to the Pesticide Free Network requires a political commitment, in other words signing the pledge, and the results generated by the network activities are used to advocate for further support for phasing out pesticides at national and European level. The "Pledge" is a political commitment for towns who are working towards becoming pesticide free, interested in doing so, or have gone pesticide free but want to go even further (banning pesticides also in agricultural areas; supporting transition to organic agriculture, etc…)

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