Latest on Towns Starting to Go Pesticide Free 


"Going pesticide free it is not only possible but beneficial!" Municipality of Occhiobello

"Our first step towards a sustainable future was... a step back!  In particular a step back from business as usual, starting reconsidering every single public work aiming at minimizing its environmental impact. Walking that way, pest control turned into integrated pest management and the role of pesticides become naturally irrelevant. Public decisions are assumed as consequence of a fact driven approach and the Municipality is now involved also in a scientific work in collaboration with local and regional health authorities. Going pesticides free it is not only possible but beneficial! As Daniele Chiarioni, Mayor of the Municipality of Occhiobello, underlines: “Going pesticides free it requires a strong effort towards innovative practices and the involvement of the population. It implies a new perception of the territory, where the health of our future generation and a safe environment can not be compared with an artificial cleanliness of public spaces. There is also an aesthetic value to consider, when we foster a natural environmental equilibrium of territory”  Since Summer 2015 herbicide use has been being phased-out and replaced by mechanical, manual and steam and flame approaches to weed management." Municipality of Occhiobello, May 2017

First steps towards a pesticide-free Edinburgh!

“The City of Edinburgh Council has undertaken trials to investigate alternatives to the use of herbicides in controlling weeds in its streets, parks and public open spaces. As a result, from Spring 2017 herbicide use is being phased-out and replaced by more mechanical, manual and mulching approaches to weed management. In other, more natural areas, weeds will be increasingly tolerated as part of the city’s Living Landscape” David Jamieson, Head of Parks, Greenspace & Cemeteries, City of Edinburgh Council, April 2017.

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